Travelling Magazine Table

In May 2007, we hosted the Travelling Magazine Table at your-space Van Abbemuseum.

Travelling Magazine Table (TMT) is a collection of magazines, produced by different non-profit organisations, artists, artists collectives, etc. This collection is travelling around the world since 2001 and is being exhibited in many different places.
TMT is an initiative of Nomads & Residents New York, which is founded by the Dutch artists BikvanderPol and others.

In order to present this diverse collection, we gave each magazine a passport with its properties (for example: colour, size, country of origin etc.). For several weeks we displayed all the magazines, categorised on a different property every week.
This created an interesting and changing image of a collection that stayed the same.

In collaboration with Stijn van der Vleuten, Lotte van wulfften Palthe, Florian de Visser and many others